Tax Audit Defense Services

Receiving notice of a tax audit can be a daunting experience, filled with weeks or even months of dealing with the IRS and fulfilling their requests for financial documentation. However, with the assistance of Tax Hardship Center, you can navigate the complexities of an IRS tax audit and ensure your rights are protected.


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Understanding an IRS Tax Audit

An IRS tax audit entails a thorough examination and review of your tax return and financial records to verify the accuracy of the information provided and ensure proper payment of taxes owed.

When you submit your tax return, you are required to provide detailed information about your finances, and the IRS relies on the accuracy of this information. In the event of an audit, you will be expected to provide substantiated evidence for all the details included in your tax paperwork.

Audits can be conducted through mail correspondence or in-person interviews. The IRS may request proof of various aspects, such as income, eligibility for deductions, loan documentation, bank statements, investment records, medical records, and more.

Selection Process for IRS Audits

The IRS selects individuals for audits randomly, while also utilizing computer screening to identify returns with unusual characteristics for potential audit. If you are chosen for an audit, the IRS will notify you by mail.

Your Rights During an Audit

As a taxpayer, you have certain rights that are protected during the IRS audit process, including:

  • The right to be treated professionally and maintain confidentiality.

  • The right to understand why the IRS is requesting specific information and how it will be used.

  • The right to appeal and resolve any disagreements.

  • The right to have professional representation throughout the audit proceedings.

  • With the Tax Hardship Center by your side, you can confidently navigate the tax audit process, ensuring your rights are upheld, and obtaining expert representation for a favorable outcome.

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